House Sparrows Start Nesting 雀始巣すずめはじめてすくう

雀始巣 は、七十二候の一つで、3月20日頃~3月24日頃にあたります。春分の初候であり、雀が巣作りを始める頃を表しています。


雀始巣 は、春の訪れを告げる風物詩の一つです。雀の巣作りを見かけると、春の足音が近づいたことを実感します。


House Sparrows Start Nesting is one of the Seventy-Two候 (Shichijūnikō), which are traditional seasonal divisions in the Japanese lunisolar calendar. It falls around March 20 to 24.

House Sparrows are small birds that are commonly seen near human settlements. In spring, they become more active, chirping and starting to build their nests.

House Sparrows Start Nesting is a harbinger of spring. Seeing house sparrows building their nests is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner.

雀始巣 に込められた意味は、新しい命の誕生、そして春の希望です。雀が懸命に巣作りをする姿は、私たちに生きる力強さを与えてくれます。

The meaning of House Sparrows Start Nesting is the birth of new life and the hope of spring. The sight of house sparrows diligently building their nests gives us the strength to live.

雀始巣 は、春の喜びを象徴する、美しい季節の言葉です。

House Sparrows Start Nesting is a beautiful seasonal phrase that symbolizes the joy of spring.

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